Free Community Driven Knowledge Sharing Platform Which Promotes Self Learning

About Billion Learners:

  • Billion Learners is a community-driven knowledge sharing, self-learning, internet-based education system - designed for ‘Faculties & Learners”.
  • Faculties can share their knowledge and learners will use the platform to grow and prosper. Currently it is a web-based platform.
Our belief & aspiration:
  • व्ययं कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम ––By Bhartruhari (Knowledge grows as you share. The wealth of knowledge is the precious of all.)
  • Everyone has a right to gain knowledge for growth and prosperity. We aspire to be useful to at least a billion learners across the globe.

Faculties (Teachers, Authors, Coaches, Trainers):

  • Anyone willing to share your knowledge and expertise in a specific field can make use of
  • Faculties can share study materials in the form of articles (tutorials), questions (MCQ, match-pair, arrange-sequence, composition, general), index cards (short summary), e-books, and quizzes for public and private homework assignments for their learners.

Learners (Student, Reader, Professionals, Trainee):

  • Billion Learners is based on a self-learning model. Learners can search the material using easy to use interface and advance search options.
  • They can test their knowledge by using 'Quizzes' and/or can 'Customize' their own tests. If a user is logged-in then test history will be maintained for few days.
  • Students can follow categories and/or Faculties, bookmark material to avail of the ease of material search and get notifications. They can also upvote, provide suggestions, use query board to ask and/or answer the queries.