Who we are

We are developing open source, decentralized model of school and university which can be driven by Digital Models. Our app makes our course materials available on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

The free app enables you to download digital versions of  Open Enrollment program of University-produced textbooks, DVDs and audio CDs, allowing you to study at home, at work, or on the move – giving a true mobile learning experience.

  Our vision is that by the billionlearners Everywhere app we provide Best Student Experience’ and another for ‘Distance or Online Learning’ for Schools to Executive education.

Our ongoing commitment is going to be blending learning experience with digital innovation and mentor driven coaching. Students can come and interact with their mentors directly anytime.

Students no more limited to study fixed model of education, they can discuss, get mentorship and design their own track of career. That is the future of education.


At The BillionLearners, we’re dedicated to offering you a flexible higher education, wherever you are in the world, whatever is your financial background is, at affordable cost.
We want to make your studies as flexible, convenient and portable as possible, which is why we invest in the latest digital technology – so that your studies will fit around your life.


To provide executive education platform for 1 Billion People. Our vision to establish India's No1 Digital Open University.


There are no dusty lecture rooms and chalk boards with us; instead, think online tutorials and course materials that you can download from an app. Whenever you need help ask your mentors.


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